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Our midweek Bible Study Groups are currently looking at the Book of James. Often thought of as the Book about Practical Christianity. Martin Luther, who was instrumental in bringing Reformation to the Church and therefore founder of the Protestant Church did not like James’ teaching. He had been deeply touched by reading Paul’s letter to the Galatians in the original Greek as opposed to the Latin translation of his day. He discovered that Salvation does not come about by good works and paying for forgiveness through something called Indulgences but through personal faith in Jesus. He came to understand that Jesus died for the sin of the whole world on the Cross and that if we ask Him into our lives we will personally experience God’s full forgiveness and have an assurance of eternal life. Luther understood this very well but misunderstood what James meant when he said faith without works is dead. Both Paul and James believed the same Gospel and they emphasised it in different ways. Both believed and taught that we are forgiven and have eternal life through our faith in Jesus’ sacrifice for us each individually. They both also taught that the evidence of our faith is in an appropriate lifestyle. None of us are perfect nor will we attain perfection during our earthly lives, but we will, in the words of the Hymn writer Charles Wesley, be continually  changed from glory into glory till in heaven we take our place.

The LORD Bless you and Keep you.

Your Friend and Pastor,