Mountsorrel Baptist Church Mountsorrel Baptist Church

As seen on our History page the Baptist fellowship in Mountsorrel has often been in the situation where it has had no pastor of it's own, frequently sharing with other fellowships and having been blessed by people who were prepared to lead us employed on a part-time level. The most consistent time of leadership was under Pastor Steven Cooper who only retired in 2010 after 30 faithful years of service! Following his retirement, Pastor Keith Munroe worked with us for 4 years, moving on in 2014.

From 2019-2024 we employed our very first full time pastor, Pastor Anthony Orr who retired at the end of March and we are now in that period of Pastoral Vacancy giving us the blessing of inviting gifted speakers from our own fellowship and visiting speakers each week and regularly having open, Bring and Share services where we are able to share with each other things that the Lord is doing in our lives today.



Liz Sam

Church secretary and first point of contact

David Ellison

Church treasurer

Mike Anderson

Looks after all things to do with the church building and maintenance

Dave Hall

Worship group member, joint team leader of Kidz Klub

Rachel Winsor

Monthly bulletin and web-site

Faye Brookes

Heads up the Singing Lunch and Food Project Volunteer

Wendy Sibbald

Joint team leader of Kidz Klub Food Project Volunteer